Celebrating Women Every Day

CALLIDAE is a company of women.  The original inspiration for the brand is women, it is powered by women, and we draw incredible creative energy and strength from women.  And while we celebrate women every day at CALLIDAE, each week this month we turn our focus to the women responsible for inspiring and bringing CALLIDAE to you.  This month we also launch The MARE Project, which we have already started to preview on our social channels.  Stay tuned for the launch of that project later in March.  Let’s start our celebration with the women who inspired the CALLIDAE aesthetic.

As many of you know, my inspiration for the look and feel of CALLIDAE is a Slim Aarons photograph called “Riding School.” 

The photo was used in a magazine story in the early 2000s — before I started riding and well before the thought of starting a brand ever occurred to me — and for some reason stuck with me.  When looking for art in 2012, I became obsessed with buying a print.  While many Slim Aarons photos captured mid-Century luxury in posh settings, “Riding School” captured it in a way I found much more appealing. The women riders looked sophisticated yet athletic, stylish yet strong.  Needless to say, I found it quite appealing and that feeling became the feeling behind CALLIDAE.

The CALLIDAE woman is the 21st Century version Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy — January Jones in “Mad Men.”  Casual but sophisticated, active, stylish, comfortable, and capable.  She has classic sensibilities but doesn’t take herself too seriously and enjoys the occasional wink.  When clients wear our black breeches and black turtleneck, I see Audrey Hepburn.

When I see someone in our mock neck or monogrammed crewneck sweater, I see Grace Kelly.

When someone is in our Loro Piana sport wool show coat, I see Jackie Kennedy. 

And when I see someone in one of our embroidered lips sweaters, I see January Jones in “Mad Men.” 

There is no reason to leave fashion behind when you ride.  We launched a new show shirt (The Asym Show Shirt) during the launch of our mobile store at WEF this past month.  A client bought one in every color and came back to see me one day after she showed (in her Lightweight Tech C Breeches and Asym Show Shirt).  When I asked her how it went, she told me it went well and then added, “And I just felt so pretty in this shirt.” 

What you wear in the ring won’t carry the day, but it can make you feel like a winner. – Founder, HP