CALLIDAE is a company of women.

The original inspiration for the brand is women, it is powered by women, and it draws incredible creative energy and strength from women. CALLIDAE celebrates women every day. In March 2023, in honor of International Women’s Day, CALLIDAE launched The MARE Project, designed to serve as a daily reminder of the power of collective action to drive progress. Fifteen percent (15%) of the proceeds from the sales of products launched under the auspices of The MARE Project are donated to non-profit organizations that align with its goals. The MARE Project has gotten off to an incredibly strong start. Its collaborations with the American Wild Horse Conservation and A little Rescue have been very well received and inspiring for everyone involved and CALLIDAE plans to continue its partnerships with both existing, and new, non-profit organizations.  

Towards the end of 2023, CALLIDAE founder, Harriet Posner, started thinking about what the brand could do next to celebrate women — to increase collaboration, support, and the sense of community among women Somehow, through conversations with her team and a few long nights in front of the computer with a glass of wine, the CALLIDAE Women’s Tour started taking shape. Still in its nascent stages, the CALLIDAE Women’s Tour will consist of a series of gatherings of women at the top of their fields around the world and is designed to create a community of women who support and strengthen one another.  


Miami 2024 is the inaugural stop on the CALLIDAE Women’s Tour. And it features the launch of The Epona Collection, a collaboration between two women-owned brands — CALLIDAE and The Jewelry Edit. The Jewelry Edit is an e-commerce jewelry boutique on a mission to elevate socially responsible and diverse designers. An important part of The Jewelry Edit’s mission is to amplify the voices of diverse designers and recognize the differences in customers across all ethnicities, genders, and more. Longtime friends and founders of CALLIDAE and The Jewelry Edit, Harriet Posner and Rosena Sammi, very carefully chose the emblem of the collection — Epona, the patron goddess of mares, foals, and cavalry, who was worshiped equally ardently by both military and civilians. Epona was thought of as a goddess who could protect and look over the stables and horses and serve as an inspiration and guide through even the darkest of battles. She is frequently depicted standing between two horses, both protecting and bringing them together.  

It is thus fitting that CWT Miami 2024 will serve as the launch for The Epona Collection, a series of charms meant to inspire, protect, and guide those who wear them. The first charm in the series is a horseshoe, which is, of course, a symbol of strength and protection. But The Epona Collection horseshoe has something more — it has the power of the community of women behind it. Wear it into battle (whatever your battle is) and know you have the power of all of us behind you.