CALLIDAE: The Women Who Make It Happen

“find your tribe and hold them close.”

My Tribe of CALLIDAE Women

I was asked recently by a close friend to write a letter to her high school senior daughter to be given to her during her school retreat weekend.  After a lot of thought about what would and wouldn’t be of interest to this young woman, about whom I care deeply and consider a friend, I decided to share with her four things I find useful in navigating life which, as she has witnessed on more than one occasion, can still be extremely challenging for me.  One of them is “find your tribe and hold them close.”  I didn’t discover or understand the importance of finding my people and holding them close until later in life than I like to admit, but once I learn something, it sticks.

In my 30 years at the law firm, I didn’t have control over the people who roamed the halls.  Fortunately, I did have a significant amount of control over the team of people with whom I worked most closely every day.  And I am ever grateful for the incredible group of people who were part of my village over the years, many of whom are still an important part of my life.  Founding CALLIDAE allowed me to put together a close working team of wildly talented women who give above and beyond what is required and are responsible for making all my crazy dreams come to life.  As part of our ongoing celebration of women, I would like to turn the spotlight on the women at CALLIDAE who make it all happen. 

To Azita, Rachel, Amanda, Emma, and Sarah — thank you from the bottom of my heart. HP, Founder

p.s.  Azita, Rachel, Amanda, Emma, and Sarah are all wearing sweatshirts from The Mare Project, launching soon!

Azita Sheridan, Head Designer

Most salient characteristic: Unflappable

Azita has been part of the team since late 2015/early 2016. A 2002 graduate of Otis, she has worked as a designer for women’s and menswear companies, both large and small. Azita has an incredible eye, exquisite taste, cares deeply about the details, and is completely unflappable. Her favorite part of the creating clothes is the fitting process, which explains the unparalleled fit of our breeches (and everything else!). None of the CALLIDAE pieces you have come to know and love would ever have made it to you without her. And, Azita realized very early on the importance of keeping me away from the inevitable daily problems in this crazy business we both love.

Rachel Wesley Moore, Creative Director

Most Salient Characteristic: Relentless Optimism

Rachel has a BFA from Columbia College and a background in graphic design.  But her talents are so much more vast than the previous sentence could ever suggest. Rachel understands how to tell the story of a brand through an arrangement of elements, whether on a set or on a page.  She gets inside a brand's DNA and brings it authentically to each project she does, whether it's a social post, styling a shoot, managing brand collaborations, or designing an installation or store.  Rachel is the creative force behind many of CALLIDAE's most important and successful projects.  And she does it all with a rare blend of intense care about the end product and the relentless optimism we all need to get it done.

Amanda Maldonado, Curio/Brand Strategy and Marketing

Most Salient Characteristic: Total gamer

For Amanda, no task is too big and none is too small or beneath her.  The first day Amanda worked with CALLIDAE, we were shooting what turned out to be our best campaign ever.  My favorite model, my favorite photographer, Rachel on set to dress and art direct, a collection I loved.  I had this idea for the model to climb up an outside wall on set.  When everyone looked confused, Amanda jumped up and said -- "Here, let me show you what she means" and promptly climbed up the wall to demonstrate for the model and photographer.  My first example of her willingness to do whatever it takes, but certainly not the last.  She is always thinking about ways to push the brand forward and is an expert strategist.

Emma O’Rourke, Curio/Email and SMS Marketing

Most salient characteristic: Energetic spirit of curiosity

A self-described extrovert, Emma loves people and she loves to learn.  She helps CALLIDAE craft its email messaging and thoroughly enjoys analyzing how different audiences react to certain messages and how that varies between brands.  With her MBA in marketing, BA in psychology, love for writing, and relentless curiosity, Emma is a natural to be in control of helping brands figure how best to present themselves and connect with their audiences.

Sarah Emig, Curio/Digital Marketing and Ad Campaigns

Most salient characteristic: Quiet Warrior

Anyone who knows only the public-facing Sarah Emig -- DJ, actor, Instagram influencer -- would never describe her as quiet.  But I know her first as the smart, data-driven expert who, with a very deft hand, creates and guides CALLIDAE's ad campaigns.  In contrast to my more stream of consciousness expression of ideas, Sarah observes thoughtfully and more carefully chooses her words, making her suggestions to the point and always useful.   

The MARE Project — celebrating women every day. Stay tuned for the launch.