As the team here at CALLIDAE fine tunes plans for 2023, we continue to take a careful look back at 2022 to see what resonated with our customers. We look at what pieces you loved and which you didn’t, what colors resonated with you, and what new things were well-received. To nobody’s surprise, there were two of our core collection that continued to be loved by our customers — The Tech Practice Shirt and The Tech C Breech.  What we weren’t prepared for was the extremely positive reaction to our new turtleneck and the launch of our limited edition 100% cashmere collection.  In gratitude for the support you gave CALLIDAE in 2022, your favorites will all be on sale through Monday, January 16th.

The Tech Practice Shirt

The Tech Practice Shirt grabbed your attention when we first introduced it several years ago and continues to be popular every season.  We have what we consider our stock colors — black, white, navy, light and dark greys — as well as special colors we launch with each collection.  This past year, we released a pod of special colors for summer, which included and dusty rose, dove grey colorblock, fuchsia, navy colorblock and buttercream.  

(The summer pod is 20% off through 1/16/2023.)

The Tech C Breech

We often hear that once a customer puts on a pair of our breeches, they “never want to take them off.” Made from an incredible four-way stretch fabric with just the right amount of compression in our custom-dyed and limited edition colors, The Tech C Breech is a perennial favorite. 


 (The Tech C Breech is 15% off through 1/16/2023.)

"I love Callidae breeches for so many reasons: quality craftsmanship, beautiful fabrics, clean lines, excellent fit, and great compression. They look great on, hold their shape, and are always in style!" – Chelsea S.

The Turtleneck

New in our 2022 Collection, The Turtleneck very quickly became a favorite.  With its long sleeves, a very comfortable mock turtleneck, and UPV50 fabric, The Turtleneck provides the most comfortable sun protection in a wide variety of colors. 

(The Turtleneck is 20% off through 1/16/2023.)

I’m so happy to be part of Team CALLIDAE – my students (and my family!) love the whole line. I wear CALLIDAE turtlenecks all the time. They’re great as a layering piece on cool mornings, but they’re even better on an especially hot day since they keep your body temperature cool while your skin is protected from the sun. My mom loved the black turtleneck I got her recently. – Erin S., Trainer & Pro Rider

The Cashmere Cable

We decided to launch a limited edition 100% cashmere sweater collection in 2022 and chose as our first piece an oversized cashmere cable sweater in three very luxe colors — blackberry, shadow, and sandstone. They turned out to be everyone’s favorite sweater to get cozy in and we were so thrilled with your response that we will be introducing the second piece in our 100% cashmere collection in the next few weeks!  


(The Cashmere Cable is 50% off through 1/16/2023.)

"I have this sweater now in two colors and have never received more compliments on a garment - from flight attendants to people waiting in line with me to the woman who checks in my clothes at the dry cleaner (and she has never said anything about my clothes in 10 years)! The cashmere is so soft and super high quality - I can wear it many times without piling. The cut is perfect - cozy and relaxed but not oversized, hits at just the right spot at the hit. This is a sweater to own for life!"

Stay tuned for our predictions of your favorites for 2023!