Taking a Beat:  Looking Back at 2022 Before Falling into 2023.

The week between Christmas and New Year is, for me, usually a time to slow down for a moment or two.  The rush of holiday shopping, cooking, and parties has ended.  Work is quiet and there is time to rest, reflect on the year, binge a show or two (this year, “Call My Agent”), and think about the year to come.  This year is no different, but since 2022 was so incredibly full and there is so much on the horizon for 2023, there is no shortage of food for thought.  

My overarching feeling about 2022 is one of gratitude. CALLIDAE is only made possible by the immense effort of everyone on the team, some who have been with me for years and some for a shorter period of time.  Regardless of length of service, though, every single one exceeds any realistic expectation of what is required and gives heart and soul to bringing CALLIDAE to life.  I can’t, and don’t, thank them enough.  We are also blessed with incredible partners and collaborators.  This year, we brought you on a more regular basis the delightful artwork of our frequent collaborator, London-based artist, Courtney Bae. Her work graces our emails and social media regularly and she is part of a very special project we will bring to you in the New Year.  

Finally, a huge thank you to our incredible group of sponsored riders — Hunter/Equitation trainers Erin Stewart and Kylee Arbuckle, Grand Prix riders Zazou Hoffman, Mavis Spencer, Molly Hay, and Emma Augier de Moussac, two-time Olympic Eventer Lauren Billys Shady, and junior Katalina Considine Rickard. Thank you for all you do in representing the sport and our brand.

The new year brings new adventures and new challenges, some known and some unknown, and all of which we look forward to.  For some years, we have been looking for ways to be closer to our customers and have done that by popping up with our friends and collaborators at Jenni Kayne and at horse shows around the country.    But we wanted a way to bring the CALLIDAE experience to more of our followers around the country.  We've spent the last 18 months renovating a 1940s Vagabond, with the goal of creating a mobile shopping experience that feels more like a club room than a traditional store.  The development of the Vagabond took the entire team and involved new collaborations, the results of which are best seen for yourself!  We’ll be back in the New Year with more details, but we'll launch at Farm Stand at WEF from mid-February through mid-March.   

Thank you all for supporting CALLIDAE — whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or just joined recently, know we appreciate you every day.

HP, Founder