Too Good To Waste

Investing in our planet is something about which we think every day at CALLIDAE. As is accelerating equality and empowerment of women.  But days such as Earth Day and International Women’s Day can serve as powerful reminders of the power of collective action to drive progress.  And so with Earth Day 2023 upon us, we want to focus on, and recommit to, our commitment to being an ecologically and socially responsible brand with sustainable practices.

CALLIDAE clothing is the antithesis of “fast fashion.”  We make smaller quantities of clothing in quality fabrics that look good wash after wash and whose classic, timeless styles stands the test of time.  “Slow fashion’ means fewer chemicals in the environment and less waste being produced. 

We are focused on finding ways to use our leftover fabrics and remaining inventory in creative ways, whether in the creation of our recently-launched mobile store or in our up-cycled products.

Our up-cycled collaborations and styles have been very popular and will soon bear both their original CALLIDAE label and a #TooGoodToWaste label.

When thinking about our new mobile store, we always had in mind starting with a vintage trailer and using a combination of  new construction, found items, and materials we had on hand from prior collections to build it out.  Everything in our inventory of fabrics and trims were considered for use in the project, whether they had been used in breeches, shirts, or outerwear.  Those of you who have followed the brand over time will recognize the fabrics of our original practice shirts repurposed for pillows or upholstery and the grosgrain ribbon of our original show shirts now used as straps for the fold up tables in the store.  This not only finds new life for these materials, but, also, creates strong continuity of the CALLIDAE aesthetic.

Expansion of #TGTW

We love the process of re-imagining inventory whether we use it as an opportunity to collaborate with another maker or artist or we simply allow our doodles and ideas to come to life.  Some of our most popular pieces (especially when we're on the road) are our sweaters and accessories embellished with embroidery, paint, patches, fabrics, and trims.  We're always actively on the lookout for artists whose work we admire and who are intrigued by CALLIDAE supplying a different kind of blank canvas on which to work.  We have a number of projects in the nascent stages and look forward to bringing them to you in the coming months.