Featurette | Taylor Hall of The Tried Equestrian

For those in our community that may not be familiar, can you please share a little bit about yourself and the story behind Tried Equestrian?

My name is Taylor Hall and I’m the owner and founder of The Tried Equestrian, an online consignment and outlet site. We help individuals resell their closets and we partner with companies and brands to help manage and sell inventory from previous seasons, that's been returned, and/or may be slightly defective at discounted pricing. 

We know sustainability is very important to Tried Equestrian.  CALLIDAE has recently formalized its sustainability efforts by launching its #TooGoodToWaste campaign.   Can you discuss how Tried Equestrian helps give CALLIDAE clothes (whether gently used or new-with-tags) an extended life? 

CALLIDAE’s website is extremely curated, focusing on only the most recent collections. With any last season pieces, TTE takes the inventory over and offers them at a discount. The items become available online and in store to a customer base wanting to look good in the saddle but are seeking more cost effective ways to fill their closets with beautiful items. 


Thanks to Tried Equestrian, the sport has become more accessible by offering quality equestrian apparel and tack at a more affordable price point. How does CALLIDAE help further that goal?  And how does CALLIDAE Credit work?

At TTE we’ve been thrilled to offer last season and returned breeches, tops and outerwear CALLIDAE chooses to not carry anymore at a discount. To our fashionable shoppers, this is a gold mine. They are able to score pieces from this luxe brand and stock up at a more accessible price point. Looking the part and feeling great in what you’re wearing has a special way of boosting confidence. This may sound vain, but in a sport where you are being judged, every little boost of confidence can be game changing. 

We have an exciting program partnership with CALLIDAE called CALLIDAE Credit. To encourage more of their customers to be a part of a circular economy, anyone can consign with TTE and choose CALLIDAE Credit as a payment option for their items’ sales. This option pays 5% more commission than a cash payout and they can then shop the latest collection at callidae.com with the credit.


Designing and creating products for excellence in and out of the ring is an integral part of our DNA here at CALLIDAE. We’d love to know your favorite piece we’ve made thus far, and perhaps why it’s a go-to pick for you personally? 

CALLIDAE’s C Breech is a go-to staple in my closet and I own a variety of colors. The fabric is ultra flattering and slimming but feels great while you’re working in the saddle.  I also just recently added The Tech V-neck to my closet and I don’t think I have ever received so many compliments on a top in my life. I must admit – I shop for myself whenever a new shipment of CALLIDAE arrives!


Is there a standout CALLIDAE piece that’s your favorite for stable-to-street?

 I recently added the Tech V-neck to my closet and I don’t think I have ever received so many compliments on a top in my life.   CALLIDAE shirts are so much more than the "sun shirts" made by other companies.  Recently, I wore the CALLIDAE Tech V-neck to a hike in Malibu followed by a wine tasting because it's so pretty, i knew I'd look put together throughout the entire day. 


Is there anything about CALLIDAE or Harriet you’d like to share with us, or the community? 

CALLIDAE’s owner, Harriet, has been such a beacon of inspiration for me personally. Leaving her high powered attorney past to change careers to equestrian fashion is a reminder that you don’t need to fit into one box your entire life. As someone who studied pre-veterinary medicine in my undergrad, it was a hard pill to swallow that everything wasn’t as mapped out as I thought it was when I decided I did not want to be a veterinarian. Knowing someone like Harriet had gone through a similar change of identity (albeit much more successful version!) gave me confidence. Life is for finding your passion, taking risks, and living, and that path is rarely ever linear.


Can you tell us a little about your horse? Name? Personality? 

Currently I’m leasing a horse named Creator who we’ve nicknamed, Tyler. He knows his job so well and is pretty wonderful at it  . . .  once I can get him moving forward! He acts like a puppy dog and loves nothing more than making friends, eating treats, and hanging out. 


CALLIDAE is bridging the gap between serious equestrian and curious enthusiasts. If you could share 3 things about the equestrian world you’d like the community to know, or be informed of -- what would they be? 

Riding is a sport very similar to ballet or gymnastics. The easier the rider can make it look, the better and more skilled that rider is. It is unfortunately a sport that many riders are being priced out of, which is an issue we need to solve as a community for future generations.  Beginner riders and their parents can face sticker shock when starting out and end up quitting. We need to encourage riders at all levels to enjoy horses, even if it’s not at a top show level. Some of the most precious moments with horses are grooming on quiet days, cleaning stalls and just hand walking a horse. Horses are good for the human soul which is why they are used successfully in many forms of therapy, including treating anxiety, PTSD, and depression. I hope to see more people have access to horses in the future especially in the busy world we live in today.