Emma in Paris

It's no secret that we love our Team CALLIDAE riders.  So we figured it's only fair to share what we love about them with you.  Thus starts our new (roughly) monthly featurette about the members of our team, beginning with "Emma in Paris."  Starring Emma Augier de Moussac, who was raised in Switzerland and France, the dossier follows the wildly successful international show jumping career (and highly entertaining lifestyle) of one of Team CALLIDAE's finest young riders. 

Learn more about Emma's riding career here.

Follow Emma day-to day @emoussac.

 Emma Augier de Moussac wearing the CALLIDAE Show Shirt in Paris

"...the lightweight mock is the perfect stable-to-street piece after riding, I just need to throw on a pair of jeans and off I go to travel the world..."

Products designed to be fashionable in and out of the ring is an integral part of our DNA here at CALLIDAE. We’d love to know your favorite piece we’ve made thus far, and why it’s your "go-to" pick?

"I am obsessed with The Show Shirts, especially the white ones. They are cut to perfection and are so elegant and classical. They are the definition of what a show shirt should look like."

Emma Augier de Moussac in CALLIDAE breeches

CALLIDAE is designed by women, for women - If you were to design the next CALLIDAE piece... what would it be and why? Perhaps a fit, cut, or color palette you’ve been dreaming of? We’d love to hear about it!!!

Unfortunately, I live in a bit of a colder climate than California, so would love to see a CALLIDAE winter outerwear collection with puffer jackets and the like. And I would also love a red show coat as it’s my favorite color to compete in.

The key to seamless packing?


You're more familiar with this than anyone! Is there a standout CALLIDAE piece that’s a favorite for you while on the road or a favorite stable-to-street piece?

Yes! The Tech Practice Shirt is not only super comfy to ride in but makes a great work out shirt to go for a run or a pilates class. Also, The Lightweight Mock is the perfect stable-to-street piece -- after being done riding I just need to throw on a pair of jeans and off I go to travel the world or to a yummy restaurant.

Is there anything about CALLIDAE you’d like to share with us, or the community?

"I have always called myself an old fashioned rider in my style and have always struggled to find a brand that would put elegance first to the modernized equestrian style.  But then I discovered CALLIDAE, which met all my criteria: elegance; comfort; versatility; and so much more."

We’re so fortunate to have connected with you while traveling! Is there anything about the current city you’re in that you’d like to share? (Feel free to name drop, so we can add to our "must do" list!)

I am currently in Paris, I love coming here when I have a day off. It’s just a train ride away from Holland. Paris has a special space in my heart as it’s my home town, I love taking long walks around the city. The architecture is simply mesmerizing. I’ll have a quick lunch at l’Avenue, before heading to a museum or an art gallery. Followed by a cheeky stop at l’île Saint Louis for the best Bertillon ice creams in town and a yummy dinner at L'Ami Louis.

When visiting a new city, what are your must-sees? Local fashion, restaurants, night life?

I’m a foodie so restaurants are definitely first.  If I'm in a big city, checking out trendy stores is definitely high on the list.  And I always find time to walk around and be a tourist (visiting monuments, museums, and the like).

Speaking routine, and self-care.. Do you have a pre-show playlist, or favorite snack?

I don’t have a pre-show playlist but I like to listen to happy up beat music on my drive to the show to put me in a good mood. And while I don't have a pre-show favorite snack, I do have a need for a chocolate snack after a bad round to make me feel better (comfort food ;) )

Most importantly, can you tell us a little about your horse? Name? Personality?

Diva, she carries her name well and with good reason. She has everything you could look for in a show jumper. She is clever with the heart of a lion. I always believed by having a foal in her younger age, her maternal instinct is the reason she is so possessive over me and would go through fire for me. I could go on for hours talking about Diva, she is a unique exceptional horse.