New Year, new gear

It’s almost February and the new show season is underway and about to kick into high gear.  Riders are all over the country are getting to know their new horses and getting back into horse show shape both physically and mentally.  Everyone — appropriately — is concerned with and focuses on their clothes and tack for the show ring.  But putting together a polished look for your training sessions is equally important.  If you want to practice “horse showing” during your lessons, wear clothes that are not only comfortable and practical, but, also, make you feel confident and ready.  As one of my barn mates says: 

 “Dress like the rider you want to be."

Part 1: The Practice Edit

The weather during this “pre season” time in our sport can be somewhat somewhat unpredictable and vary widely, whether you’re in California, Texas, Ocala, or Wellington.  Temperatures can range from the mid-30s all the way up to the high-70s with varying amounts of rain and weather conditions can change very quickly from the beginning of the day to the end and from day to day.  Having layering options is key to being comfortable and feeling your best all day long.  Below some great options for your #rootd!

#TeamCALLIDAE Kylee Arbuckle

Team CALLIDAE’s Kylee Arbuckle’s barn (Kindred Hill Farm) is located in Nicasio, CA (Northern California).  When she starts around 6 a.m., it is cold, but by the end of the day, the sun can be out and the temperature in the 60s.  What Kylee finds most adaptable to the changes throughout her day are easy to put on and take off layers.  She pairs her favorite Tech C breeches with a base layer on top, the just warm enough CALLIDAE cotton/cashmere crewneck, and finishes with a zip off piece of outerwear like The Hooded Jacket or The Tech Zip Up.  if it’s particularly chilly, she’ll add one of our new cotton/cashmere cowls.

“Even in the warmer months, there can be big swings in temperature between when I start my day early in the morning and when I’m putting the finishing touches on the board at the end of the day. The Tech Rib Crew is my favorite base layer — it’s so stylish and comfortable. Perfect from the barn to the gym or out to dinner. It pairs perfectly with the hooded shell on a chilly day!."

#TeamCALLIDAE Erin Stewart

Team CALLIDAE’s Erin Stewart is based out of Long Island, NY and Wellington, FL and, like all trainers, starts in the earliest part of the morning and doesn’t finish until well after her last student’s last round.  And she has the added hurdle of dealing with the omnipresent humidity of the East Coast.  Her favorite CALLIDAE base layers are The Tech Practice Shirt and The Turtleneck. 

Erin Stewart

“I wear CALLIDAE turtlenecks all the time. They’re great as a layering piece on cool mornings, but they’re even better on an especially hot day since they keep your body temperature cool while protecting your skin from the sun.”

Bethany Lee

Florida-based trainer and founder of My Equestrian Style, Bethany Lee is one of the tastemakers in the equestrian world.  She hosts a weekly podcast, speaks in various places throughout the year, and publishes a “must read” holiday gift guide for equestrians and civilians alike — all while working full time as a trainer!  Bethany’s  a longtime fan of CALLIDAE and has her favorites from the line as well.

"I can't think of anything more classic than CALLIDAE equestrian. The breeches and riding leggings fit extremely well and are so functional –designed to last the rest of my life!"